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Groups/Corporate Events

Sky High is the place for team BUILDING EVENTS!

Sky High Sports provides awesome opportunities for team building exercises. This is one meeting your co-workers will look forward to!

Corporate Events at Sky High are Awesome!

Sky High Sports is more than a family entertainment and activity center. It’s a place perfect for families, friends, and co-workers to gather in a safe, affordable, and uniquely fun environment.

Corporate Events and Team Building on a Grand Scale
Perfect for corporate team building and events, Sky High Sports of Santa Clara offers the ideal venue for your team building exercises and corporate events. From dodgeball to the new Klime Wallz, choosing Sky High Sports means an unforgettable and unique team building event which promises to connect your team through unlimited fun and excitement. You can even have the entire facility to yourself with the Sky High team on hand to help you with your team building exercises and business meetings.
Join the growing list of companies – Microsoft, Google, Ebay, Intel, Chili’s Bar & Grill and Southwest Airlines – who are taking their corporate events to the next level with the unique twist (or flip) of Sky High Sports! Plan your next business meeting, corporate gathering, or host a seminar. Afterwards, invite everyone to join in team building exercises like a dodgeball tournament, slam dunk contest, or a race up the Klime Wallz.
Group Events at Sky High Sports – Extraordinary Celebrations!

Sky Sports is a great place to host your group event. Whether you’re looking for a unique field trip, a fun youth group activity, a giant family reunion, or a corporate celebration, the team at Sky High Sports is ready to help you celebrate and make unforgettable memories. At Sky High, we offer special packages and pricing to groups of 20 or more. No matter the size of your group, we have the space to accommodate your needs with party rooms and staff.
Jump into Unforgettable Fun!

Jump on in with your co-workers, campers, students, teammates, troop members, or other large crew – and get ready for Sky High Fun! If you need food and beverages, simply call on our Party Planner to customize your event with a specialized food and beverage packages.

Jumping and Climbing at Sky High Sports

Try out your bouncy, big air moves, Jumping on and off walls in the Freestyle Court.
Experience the closest thing to flying on our new Super Size Jump Bag.
Organize a dodgeball tournament on the Dodgeball Court.
Get everyone out of their comfort zone as they scale the Klime Wallz to the top!
Schedule your Corporate/Group Event today at Santa Clara Sky High Sports. Choose from a number of packages including group sessions, private sessions, and buy-outs of the entire facility for your event. Party rooms are also available, and food and catering options.
Call our Party Planner for food and beverage packages and event customization.

NEW! Tiered Group Pricing

First Hour
$17 / jumper
($320 Max)
  • Additional Hours
  • $17 Weekends/Holidays
  • $9 Mon, Tue, Thu
  • $5 Wild Wednesdays
20-50 Jumpers
First Hour
$16 / jumper
($700 Max)
  • Additional Hours
  • $16 Weekends/Holidays
  • $9 Mon, Tue, Thu
  • $5 Wild Wednesdays
50-100 Jumpers
First Hour
$14 / jumper
($1200 Max)
  • Additional Hours
  • $14 Weekends/Holidays
  • $9 Mon, Tue, Thu
  • $5 Wild Wednesdays
100+ Jumpers
First Hour
$12 / jumper
  • Additional Hours
  • $12 Weekends/Holidays
  • $9 Mon, Tue, Thu
  • $5 Wild Wednesdays

After Dark Private Court


  • 3 Hour Private Court After Dark Jumping
  • Up to 24 Jumpers ($20 for each additional jumper)
  • Access To Private Court (ONLY)
  • Sky High Grip Socks
  • Pricing Does Not Include Food Or Drinks
Friday 8pm - 11pm $450
Saturday 8pm - 11pm $450
* – prices may vary

Non-Profit Group


  • Not Available Friday after 5pm and Saturday – Sunday
  • Not Available on Holidays or Breaks
  • Must Present Non-Profit Tax ID
Monday - Thursday First Hour $8
Friday each hour before 5pm $8
Additonal Hours Monday - Thursday $7
Additonal Hours Wednesday $3

Private Court Group

Package Features

  • Up to 24 Jumpers
  • Private Jumping & Platform


Private Court First Hour: $150
Additonal Hours Per Hour: $125
Additional Jumper Per Hour: $15


Package Features

  • Entire Facility for Private Group
  • Outside Food & Drink Fee Waived
  • Requires $200 (Nonrefundable) Deposit per hour booked
  • Pricing does not include socks or food 
Monday - Thursday $1500 Per Hour
Friday $2500 Per Hour
Saturday-Sunday $3500 Per Hour
After Hours *Call for Pricing
* – prices may vary


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