Sky High Sports | Santa Clara 1st Time Jumper Info

First Time Jumper?

First time jumping at Sky High? Looking to pass some time? You’re making a great choice by selecting our location. But before the fun begins there are a few things that can be done before you arrive to jump. Below are a few steps to get a first-time jumper like yourself started. By following these steps we can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

  1. We require that all jumpers have an online waiver and have watched our safety video before having access to the trampolines. The waiver must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of that jumper if that jumper is under the age of 18, no exceptions. The online waiver can be accessed through any smart device or tablet. We encourage our guest to have these waivers filled out beforehand so you can quickly get checked in and off to jumping. Click on the word waiver anywhere on this page and you will be directed to our online waiver and video.
  2. Great! You got all the waivers for all your jumpers done! Once you arrive in the store head to the front desk to begin the check-in process. Please have identification ready so we can verify who you are and any additional guest over the age of 18.
  3. In order to check in jumpers, we are going to need the correct spelling and birthdate of each jumper. Having this information ahead of time and ready to give to the cashier will decrease your wait time so you can get to jumping faster.
  4. All checked in! Once we have verified that all jumpers have a valid waiver each jumper will have a colored wristband put on their right wrist by the cashier and issued socks. Jumpers that have already been here can bring our socks back to use or will need to be purchased for $3 a pair.
  5. Safely proceed to the trampoline area, read the court rules for jumping on that court, and go have some jumping fun!!!
  6. Why are you still reading this? Go JUMP!