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First Time Jumper at Santa Clara’s Sky High Sports? Here’s What You Need to Know!

September 24, 2019

Everyone loves to Jump on the trampoline. You can’t be a kid and not love bouncing and Jumping with all the energy you have – it’s just not possible! Nearly everyone, at one time or another, has been on a backyard trampoline bouncing around with their neighborhood friends, but experiencing the fun of bouncing, soaring, and flying through the air on a wall-to-wall trampoline at Santa Clara Sky High Sports… is another story. If you’re new to the indoor trampoline park game or simply haven’t experienced Sky High Sports before, here’s everything you need to know to have a great time!


Whether it’s your first time at Sky High or your first time in a long time, choosing Sky High Sports for your trampoline park adventure is a great one! Let’s get you ready to Jump. Here is what you need to know before you get to Sky High to make sure you have an amazing experience.

All Jumpers Need a Waiver

At Sky High Sports, your safety and the safety of the other Jumpers in the facility is of the utmost importance. To that end, all Jumpers (no exceptions) are required to have an online waiver. Before providing your waiver, you’ll need to watch our trampoline safety video.

If you are under the age of 18, your waiver should be signed by your parent or legal guardian. You can access the safety video and the online waiver through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Having your waiver filled out before you arrive means you get checked in fast and Jumping on the trampolines quickly!

Checking in at Sky High

Once you have completed your waiver, you’re ready to check-in at Sky High Sports. When you arrive, check-in at the front desk to get the process started. You’ll need identification and so will any friends with you who are over the age of 18.

To complete the check-in process, we’ll need the correct spelling and birthdate of all Jumpers in your group. Having the needed information in hand will speed up the process and get the fun started quickly. Waivers will be verified and then you and your fellow Jumpers will get a colored wristband and Jump socks. (Previous Jumpers can bring their Jumps socks along to be used again).

Safety Rules Reminder

While you need to watch the safety video before signing your waiver, here’s a reminder before the bouncing starts!

  • Always land on both feet
  • Always Jump in the center of the trampoline aka the ‘sweet spot’
  • Always plan your landings before you Jump
  • Never Jump headfirst into the foam pit
  • Never Jump on the yellow and red protectors
  • No double flips allowed
  • Never interfere with other Jumpers
  • Always be aware and in control of your Jumps
  • Always be aware of others and keep their safety and yours in mind
  • Follow the court monitors instructions
  • Take a break if you get tired
  • Always have fun!

Let the Jumping Begin!

Now that check-in is complete, you are ready to head to the trampoline area and let the fun begin. Be sure to read the safety rules specific for the court you’ll be using and have fun!

For more questions about our indoor trampoline park and activity center, check out Santa Clara Sky High Sports FAQ page and click here to reserve a Jump time!


First Time Jumper at Santa Clara’s Sky High Sports? Here’s What You Need to Know!