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Let’s Celebrate: 5 Family Friendly Earth Day Activities to Do at Home in Santa Clara

April 20, 2020

Earth Day

This year, we will all be celebrating Earth Day at home. Who-hoo! And while this may seem like it can limit your options, that doesn’t have to be the case. Like many others, you may be used to venturing out into the community to celebrate this day – whether you go to Sky High Sports Santa Clara, to the local library, or just out to the park with friends – but this year is different.
Use this as an opportunity to expand your options and get creative. While you may not want to go out to grab supplies or use certain commodities you should be rationing, there are still some fun-filled, family-friendly activities you can do with a few simple things you probably have around the house. So, let’s explore your options!

1. Get Artsy With Recycled Materials

Crafts With Recycable Materials

Create a piece of art by only using recyclable materials. Use recyclable items such as cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, and create a masterpiece! Build a fort with cardboard boxes or create a replica spaceship with a soda bottle, the possibilities are endless.

2. Have A Picnic


Enjoy the beautiful California weather and have a family picnic! Having a picnic would be the perfect time to teach your family how to reduce waste by using reusable plates and utensils and it is also a great time to thank Mother Earth for what she’s given us.

3. Create SideWalk Art

Chalk Art

Rather than using paper to create art pull out the chalk and let your kid’s imagination run wild! Chalk is a great way to allow your children to be creative without creating more waste.

4. Earth Day Hunt

Earth Day Hunt

Make a scavenger hunt with items your family can find in your front or back yard. Get to know your surroundings better by searching and identifying plants and insects that make their homes in your very own backyard.

5. Build A Bird Feeder

Homemade Bird Feeder

Have some craft sticks laying around? Glue them together to create your own bird feeder! Building a bird feeder is a great way to help bring nature to you.
Earth Day may feel different this year with social distancing in full swing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate. Instead, you will just need to find ways to celebrate your own little slice of Earth with the people you love. And remember, FaceTime is a still a great option – so challenge another family to join you virtually from their backyard for one of these fun activities!
At Sky High Sports Santa Clara, we are “seizing the day” and spending this time reconnecting with our families and our planet. So, we hope you’ll join us, and do the same! For more Earth Day activities check out our network blog!